Monday 11 November 2013

Autumn newsletter out now

The latest newsletter is now available for club members so let me know if you have not received your copy or wish to join the yogawise club.
Diwali festival of Lights and Fireworks celebrations herald the start to darker nights and tell us to keep light and postive.
Do not get drawn into lethargy - tamas- or too much activity - rajas but rather keep a satttvic , balanced and peaceful nature up to the Winter Solstice celebration in December.
Remember those caught up in the upheavals in the world and send them your wishes for Peace.
We are One.......thoughts are energy as well as deeds so do not feel helpless when you cannot physically be there to lend a hand.  By the same token we need to keep our thoughts and words pure and filled with goodness to counteract the agents of darkness at work in this Kali age.  They will not succeed ultimately.
Now is the time to let go of all that is not conducive to your Peace.:..People, places, habits etc...............

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