Saturday, 28 January 2012

New Term Begins Monday 6th February 2012

What a beautiful start to 2012 as we walked along the beach in Portugal in the sunshine with dear friends.
After such a sad year for us with family deaths and the chaos of the world as it realised it could no longer sustain an attitude of non-caring for others and the planet and went into meltdown; we had the offer to spend time in a different place and space to dream again.  Acccepting help and gifts is one of the spiritual laws - giving and receiving - and it is one of the most beautiful.  Allow yourself to receive with grace and then pass it on!

Classes start again on monday and wednesday nights at 7.30 pm 6th and 8th February and Tuesday 11am on the 7th February for eight weeks.  I look forward to working with those who are seeking the deeper truths of existence and to finding that peaceful centre which is always there for us to replenish the spirit in this Kali age.

Love and Light