Monday 23 November 2009

November Weekend Retreat

Thank you to all who came and shared in this reflective break.

Time to be still whilst sharing space and Love with others .

We had a 'warm' welcome by our Goanese Nuns and a thought provoking talk from Krishnamurti to end the retreat:

"Love is the Solution" and ultimately "Be a Light to Yourself"'

Highlights included the Qi Gong Flow under the four hundred year old Cedar Tree , the deeper yoga practise of pranayama with openings, meditation in the St Francis room, Talks and Readings which enhanced the group experience...Mushrooms.(Val) .Pooh and Piglet (Alan) , Daffodils (Jemma) , Stormy Seas (Alison)! Vips and Riitta next time!
The Wheel of Life (Karen) and the Circle of Life (Iain) - Wisdom from an american comedian and a native american indian. And of course Dharma and Life Purpose (Sammi)

Sharing Food , Sharing Humour , Sharing deep experiences and LOVE!

Enjoy the photos and see you again in class, social or at the Winter Solstice Walk

All are Welcome