Sunday 25 July 2010

Silent Retreat 2010 Come on in

A beautiful retreat where we were Alone and yet All One. Lovely flowers from Alan and words of thanks and appreciation from those who came which are brightening up our home and hearts and fueling that warm feeling that stayed with us after our time together in Silence.
We wish you all a happy summer time and hope you get out into nature and drink in her free prana to help us all through these next two years of turbulence .
Many are joining our little yoga band which is so wonderful and the continuity of those who have been with us so long now bodes well for 2012 when we will be offering a special gathering to those who are ready to receive divine energy and guidance . Watch this space!

Yogis galore

Hot tub yoga hall and Francesca Massage room

Dart river Hugs and farewells Val's Painting