Wednesday 27 February 2008


Can't stop us now !!!! Anyone looking ?.....

Tuesday 26 February 2008


My birthday - was a beautiful sunny morning - we went out for a long walk along the beach and were fascinated by the fishermen single and in groups and how they worked and sang together.
I got a card from Lenic and family plus Shiloh his able assistant care of Cosmic Travel Agency.
It was very kind of them - we will pop back with some cakes at tea time.
We had brakfast on the beachfront - pot of chai and toast - watching the fishermen haul in their catch of the day.
We went back to our room and gathered our gear to spend the rest of the day at a nearby Hotel Rainbow pool. Found a bit of shade and settled down - had a few swims and listened to music on the ipod.
We returned to Lenic and shared some Indian sweets and amazingly the chai man awaited us
although we had disappeared for 5 minutes or more !
We returned to the pool only for there to be a downpour but it was quite refreshing and we stayed in for awhile enjoying it once we had gathered our clothes !!!
In the evening we went to one of the best veggie restaurants in the area Subrabatham and had
a special aubergine with ginger chillies and garlic in tomato sauce- delic' - after a month of fairly
neutral tasting food it was fabulous.
So it was rather a nice birthday - and apparently to be 52 and in India is quite auspicious -
something to do with a similar constellation !? I was just checking how many days wewill be in India and this is day 62 but in all we will be here for 108 days - spooky , as you know 108 is rather special in yoga philosophy !!! Check up on it ......?

Sunday 24 February 2008

More india photos

India Pictures


We had our mobile phone set up to work in India (you know how good we are with technology!)
However when we arrived we had a lovely welcome message from Airtel saying welcome to Kerala please call this help line number. Unfortunately no one was ever on the other end.
Meanwhile the first week here my watch stopped. That was ok we still had an alarm clock. However....a stray sandalwood incense stick managed to melt the outer casing and to bend the minute hand ...thus making time stop.

Some things happen just to let you know you need to look at life a little differently. Finally we now had the perfect answer for the defunct alarm clock or time piece..problem solved!

Saturday 23 February 2008


Driving is simply amazing ! No wonder they display so many Gods on the dashboard - as if
they were about to meet them very soon. The vision of whole families on a motorbike ..saris
flowing perilously close to the rear wheel..the wives imperiously balanced uncaring of the aggression of the traffic around them.
India makes us feel so thankful for what we have....our fami;y, our friends, comforts, cleanliness and familiarity.... In the west we are in the top 10% of the world...we have so much compared to so many who have so little and yet they truly live in the present !
Our senses are affected; wonderful tastes of fresh fruit juices, curries, masala tea etc
the smell of sandalwood, bonfires, spices, heat and the sea.
The sights - you feel like you should have a camera strapped to the side of your head - arephenomenal and ever carrying a fridge on his head along the beach....
abject poverty..lepers...cripples....Grandmothers crushing rocks into gravel by the side of the road - for just afew rupees a day under the scorching sun !
Beauty.....women in saris....murals in temples....the smiles of shinning up coconut trees with no regard to health and safety...doing what their family have done for generations...
India is noisy ! Crows grrrrr... the waves, the traffic, chanting, temples loudspeakers....

No tv for nearly 60 days and it feels good ! Admittedly here we do have mesmerising seas, sunrises and sunsets.
The best feeling as ever is when we are doing our yoga........aaah....up on the roof.....

Thursday 21 February 2008


Sammi (Narayani) got into the act by producing a beautiful sequence/dance/chant /chant plus pooled OMs. A very special and successful presentation - we had included people from Israel, Lebanon, Japan, Iran, Germany, France, Holland Italy, Spain, India, English and American. Truly international. We'll experience it together when wew get back.

India really is a land of extremes as it can swing from the beautiful to the hoffific or comfortable to uncomfortable very quickly.

Amongst the poverty there is still great humour and presence. Anything can be achieved here!
The heat sapping, the breeze refreshing, the sun relentless, the waves pounding, the current strong, the life guards fit and alert. The fishermen steadfast - they light up the sky at night with their lamps as if the stars had fallen into the sea.


So up at 5.15am to do the roll call and check up on who is coming in to satsang....
6am satsang meditation for half an hour chanting Jai Ganesha, Jai Ganesha....
tambourines and drums joining in araucous rendition.
7.30am Chai time
8-10am Asana class including pranayama, sun salutations, headstand, shoulder stand, bridge and wheel.
10am Brunch - spicy breakfast- eat in silence - no choice just be thankful for what you get.
Lundry time - hand washing -karma yoga
12noon Baghavad Gita with Mr Natraj - learned scholar!
1.30pm Chai time - everyone gathers..
2pm Lecture in philosophy or anatomy
3.30 - 5.30 Asana class learning how to teach
6pm DinnerMild veg curry and rice - seated on the floor eating with the right hand....
8-10pm Satsang meditation and chanting....
10.30pm lights prepare for another day...the days are flying by
It was certainly a challenge in many ways.....


The Best Teacher is the best Student !
Hi Folks, Well, how to sum up 40 days in the Sivananda Ashram ?
As always the people were the best part. We met some wonderful people/ yogis from so many
different countries around the world...Indian, of course,Sri Lankan,American,Iranian,Lebanese,Israeli,Spanish,Italian,Japanese,Russian etc.
Chai breaks masala mixed tea milk and sugar 7.30am and 1.30pm Heaven ! Hot sweet and tasty...
The first person we met was Partham from North India and Sammi/Narayani said we will go with you...not thinking too much about it...then of course it happened that he would be able to guide us for aweek around Rishikesh and as far as Gangotri - amazing ! Pratham and his brother Causik are really top guys!!!
I remember one day - we laughed so much...when I was desperate for cover in reception and I asked Pratham to cover nad he said no worries. I dily went off to the beach and enjoyed the day little did I know that Pratham too was on the beach having not a care in the world !!!
Unfortunately Indians only say yes when you ask them a question!!!
One night we had atalent show and having sunf at folk clubs I was not too bashful about performing....I sang 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for'- and they sang the chorus back to me really well - so many nationalities. A greta song and one of my favourites - lovely words.

Another time we had a large contingent of Japanese so I thought 'Imagine' would be appropriate. I sang it from the heart 'cause I love the words.....
Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try, no hell below us, above us only sky,
Imagine all the people living for today......(very yogic) .....imagine there's no countries,
it's not hard to do, nothing to kill or die for and no religion too, imagine all the people living life in peace.....imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man, imagine all the people sharing all the world....
People came up to me for days after saying how much they liked the song...well, it is kind of special !!! and I was glad that they still liked it after I sang it !!