Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Retreat and Yoga Class Dates 2009

Look at http://www.yogawise.co.uk/ for further pictures/information on all retreats and classes and to contact Sammi for any individual needs/questions. We are a friendly bunch so do come and join us in Yoga.

Crane Park Community Hall Dates: The Meadway, Twickenham
Wed: 28th Jan to 25th Mar and 29th Apr to 24th Jun = nine week blocks start 7.15 pm
Wed: Evening workshops on 21st Jan and 22nd Apr start at 7 pm
Alternate Mondays Spiritual Laws Group: 26th Jan, 9th ,13th Feb, 8th, 23rd Mar Start 7.30 pm

Day workshop in Bushy Park on Staurday 28th March: 10 am to 4 pm

Devon Annual Retreat in beautiful Dartmoor near Two Bridges (Pictures above)
This is our Lucky 7th time in the midst of timeless beauty both internally and externally and I encourage all serious yoga students to give themselves a treat with this retreat! It is not a yoga holiday but rather a chance to connect more deeply with your personal practise and re-fuel your prana in the company of like minded souls.
Small group so that you have one to one attention from Sammi and Iain.
All rooms en-suite ,vegetarian food, hot tub and sauna, wonderful walks. SILENCE!

Winter Wonderland

View from our window one early morning some years back. Reminded us of Narnia and magic and what is happening whilst most of the world is sleeping. Get up early and meditate!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Congratulations OBAMA!

What a momentous day in the history of America and hope for the future of all people to overcome prejudice and hatred and rise to the top with peace and love. Keep your eyes on the horizon and see the Light!
Om shanti Shanti Shanti