Monday 29 September 2008


International PEACE Day was both very enjoyable and positively successful !
Thank you to all those yogis who did not come to the peace circle but contributed generously
and also thank you to those of you who did come and made an energetic circle !
We raised £215 in total.
Sammi treated us to some lovely warm ups, Qi gong, yoga, chants and a wonderful Peace Dance !
We had a break for tea and a chat before returning to some meditation, chants ( Jai Radhe ) and more energy work - the room was heated by us !
A few of us went on to Sagar Vegetarian Restaurant in Twickenham to share some tasty and spicy food ( We wished peace on all animals too ).
Next year the date to put in your diary is the 21st September 2009.
International Peace Day. Very fittingly we had been studying to 'Honour one another' in our spiritual laws group on Monday night. Peace love and light - Om Shanti.