Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Yoga teachings

Hi Kassandra,

Glad you liked the pictures and hope you look back at the winter solstice Blue Lunar walk to see our favourite place called Bushy Park.
You and some others have asked for more yoga teachings and firstly go to my webpage
www.yogawise.co.uk for free downloads on introduction to yoga and why I teach yoga.
If you send me your e mail I will sendyou my last yoga newsletter which has lots of yoga related stuff!

Love and Light


Monday, 27 June 2011

Spring Flower Meadow

Being asked about the beautiful flowers posted on this page and they are from the wildflower meadow in Crane Park near where I live. Please look back in the blog pages to last spring to see some from last year if you wish and here are a few more from this year.

Glstonbury Festival was powerful this year with thousands stil looking for that which they cannot find. No need to look..no need to go anywhere.....You are IT!

Love and Light


Monday, 20 June 2011

Happy Summer Solstice to All!

Tuesday 21st June 2011 Summer Solstice.
Enjoy time in nature and give some silent space to reflect on those who are doing their best to help others in these troubled times and wish them well and wish them strength. This year is making us all decide what is to be our future path and who we wish to travel with on this journey to create beauty and peace even if we are in chaos. We can be a Pool of Joy for others and in that offering we will also experience the same Joy.