Wednesday 27 November 2013

A star is born! Plus comet ISON is in the night Sky

We welcome our newest member to the family...Linus Neville...who is destined to be a meditator if the yogic numerology of his birth date is right!    His mother gave him the best start possible with a natural birth which, thank God, she was supported in by her husband and a wonderful midwife.  Such joy in all the extended family, neighbours and friends which we want to share with all who are needing some light at this time.
Therefore, I ask all reading this to meditate on the Light in their hearts and to send that out to all in trouble to help them know they are in our thoughts and they are not forgotten.
Love is infinite.  At special times like births and even sometimes a beautiful death after a life well lived; we experience the intensity of Love and know that there is no reason to feel fearful or guarded about any relationships.  There is plenty of Love for all and the more we give.......

...the more we receive!

Om shanti shnati shanti

Peace Peace Peace

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