Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Yoga is Poetry

Yoga is Poetry
It cannot be governed by a Body
It is a body that flows, a mind that is still, a spirit that is free
A Heart which overflows with Love
Friendship to all not a chosen few
Kindness as a way of life not a networking skill
The I that is You and the You that is Me
Respect and honour for all our teachers
The holders of light who give so generously
The promise to pass on without thought of reward
That which is sacred and true
All this in the spirit of humanity
So our children will remember us with affection
For the world we leave to their guardianship
We are One
Yoga is One

Yogawise Morning/Evening Affirmations

Yogawise Morning Affirmation
I live in freedom from inner and outer harm
I live in Joy and Acceptance of things as they are
I live in Peace Love and Truth
From the Centre of my Heart
I wish this Harmony for all sentient beings
For the good of all that is and for all that can be

Yogawise Evening Affirmation
I let go I let go I let go
All that is past is past
All that is to come will come
I exist now
Perfect and Whole
I radiate Love and Compassion
I live in Joy
Please forgive me for all the hurt
I have caused you in times when I forgot my true self
Which is pure Love
I freely forgive you for hurting me.
All is perfect and whole in this moment of Now
I radiate Love and Compassion
I live in Joy
I am You
You are Me
We are One

Monday, 10 August 2009

Dartmoor Silent Retreat - views within

Ayurvedic Massage - by Jacqueline

We were pampered by the wonderful Ayurvedic massage from Jacqueline.

We were already quite relaxed as you can imagine but when we were given a wonderful warming aromatic massage it reduced us to relaxation on yet another level. We were also introduced to Hopi candles and the warm fizzing in our ears again another soothing form of therapeutic relaxation - both are Recommended.

Ayurveda and yoga have been practiced for centuries and have been mentioned in the scriptures of the Vedas and Upanishads.

Silent Walk to St Raphael's and Huccaby Bridge.

We walked in silence down the lane and through the ancient woods. We crossed the road with awareness and down another lane to reach St Raphael's Church. The only Anglican Church dedicated to St Raphael in the country. He is a Healer and also a patron saint of travellers.

In silence we prayed, repeated mantras and reflected on the beauty within and without.The church is a welcome refuge in the midst of a weathered moor.

We continued in silence down to the river and to the flowing waters of Huccaby bridge to lay in the sun and wonder at the beauty surrounding us. Are we not so priviliged to be present?

St Raphael's Church - Huccaby - the one and only

Silent Retreat - Silent Walk

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Louise and Theresa Kind words of Thanks

Yes, really..Love and Gratitude for creating such a wonderful place to 'be'. I came back more relaxed than ever.
Blue lights eh? British Gas..A Tardis? No just the result of my heart singing.
Take care and see you in September. Left me with food for thought till then!

Dear Sammi and Iain
Thank you both for making the retreat in Devon an amazing experience for me. It was wonderful to spend time in such a beautiful surroundings and to be at peace in the silence.
My spiritual journey is not always easy but you are both an inspiration to me ..Love

Poems Dartmoor 2009

Val’s Poem Dartmoor 2009

River Dart Morning

The path twists and turns along the river bank,
Earth trodden down, interlaced with roots and branches;
Always the sound of the river, cascading over boulders.
Water: the source of life.

Woods: a green world of leaves and ferns,
A cloud hides the sun, a sense of menace and mystery descends.
Dappled with sunlight , a place of magic.

Evening Brimpts Farm
Shadows lengthen in the evening sun,
White clouds glide gently across a blue sky,
Swallows swoop and dive.
The breeze bathes my face.
A stonechat on the gatepost calls
Warning as the farm cat prowls.
Bees hum among the flowers and grasses.
The rest is silence.

For Sammi, who always lifts the clouds and brings magic and
Silence into our busy lives.

Poems Dartmoor 2009

Devon Retreat 2009 Ula’s Poem

Summing Up

Midges to moonrise Moonrise to sunrise
Sunrise to yawn Yawn to stretch
Stretch to mantra Mantra to mat
Mat to prana Prana to dog
Dog to cobra Cobra to child
Child to grown-up Grown-up to tears
Tears to laughter Laughter to silence
Silence to circle Circle to hands
Hands to let go Let go to acceptance
Acceptance to peace

Poems from Retreat 2009

Vips Poem Dartmoor 2009

What a magic place and time we have had.
You are on your own in silence - but never alone - sharing your days with birds singing, colourful butterflies, rabbits playing in the grass, wild horses and cows - dramatic landscapes with exceptional beauty in any weather.

It has been the same for thousands of years.

The meadows are covered with wild flowers at its best and dancing grasses in the wind plus fresh water streams.

This opens your eyes to a new consciousness you are privileged to have experienced.
With our yoga practices in such a fantastic place makes you understand that all is one.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

August in Twickers

Hi Yogis,

Birthdays, weddings, clearings and walking in the rain and sunshine. We are back and awaiting the Red Moon on thursday 6th August, our full moon lunar eclipse before the big influx of Light for those who are aware on the 15th to 20th August.

Stay present and quiet. All is well .


Retreat poems and pictures will appear in due course. We are chilling before the new term begins in September with a workshop on the Wednesday 16th. I am writing the latest newsletter and this will be going out to all club members next week with the calender of events to give you time to book before it goes out to the general public.