Friday 26 June 2009

Silent Retreat 2009

One week to go before we leave for beautiful Dartmoor and our seventh year at Brimpts Barn.
Take a look at the past retreat pictures and testimonials and tune in with our intent to create a peaceful energy in ourselves first, the group, the larger yoga circle and then out into the
guruverse. Please join us in this critical time in our world and be a peaceful being.
Allow creativity to flow out in paintings, poems and of course our beloved music.
Nada yoga - the yoga of sound - is the quickest way to self realisatioin this Kali age of disharmony and confusion.
" Silent mind has great creativity but this is not all. Silent mind is Peaceful , Blissful and Healthy.
It radiates these qualities out through the person to the surroundings. People who know how to cultivate a quiet mind not only are in touch with their inner creativity, they also radiate a youthfulness and optimism that effects everyone nearby. They have Good Vibrations!"
Chant and sing and dance............
Love and Light