Thursday 23 October 2014

Sacred Ganges

Diwali blessings to all

Wishing all who visit this site some light in their lives today and all the days which follow into the winter dartkness.  This is a time to get together with family and friends and celebrate goodness over evil.  Support each other and realise the gifts we already have and those which we can give to others.
Remember that we are never ALONE...we are ALL ONE.  Therefore, connect with the greater circle of Love and feel into your heart chakra to receive all that you need and as this overflows send the energy out again into the world.  Giving and Receiving being the same thing once we realise who we are.
We are going to a friend's funeral today so were not able to organise the gathering for the yoga circle.  This year is proving very uncertain and we have to go with the flow.  When we are meant to gather again..we will!
autumn newsletter out in November for circle members.
Om shanti shanti shanti...Peace Peace Peace

Enjoy the song below which is filled with Light!  Look at you tube if the link does not work here.

KITE SONG  Patty Griffin

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Full Moon uk

As the weather changes here in the UK from a very pleasant, sunny summer to a beautiful autumn freshness and changing colours in nature; I sit and wonder at "what is".   The world is so hard for many of our brothers and sisters and it can make us feel so sad and helpless at what little we can do to change their lives when our lives are so fortunate.  Being grateful is at least a start and compassion is a gift to all . Watching the programme last night with Brian Cox on TV was heartening.   Seeing how we all came from beginnings in Ethiopia and how we are therefore all related to one another regardless of colour, language, culture, religion further affirmation to the yoga creed that "we are all one".   I trust that people now have learnt to see beyond the propaganda and nationalistic hype that abounds in all the media and to listen rather to their hearts.  People are the same and have the same basic needs. When these are not met then some will eventually become what is termed 'extreme'.   How would we re-act if we had their lives, I wonder?  Practise tolerance and kindness and be forgiving of those who cannot do this anymore after years of abuse and terror.   If we join them in their hatred then there is no end except extinction.  
I wish you all courage to stay firm in the conviction  that all will be well and we do not need to strive to compete or defend ourselves.  We are protected and we are eternal.  Our actions will be judged and karma will balance all in time.