Friday 27 July 2018

July Blood Red Moon - Lunar Eclipse

Look up to the stars tonight and marvel at the wonder of nature.   In the South East at around 8 pm gmt we will see the Moon Blood Red with Mars just below as a shinning star..............if no clouds of course!   What a juxtaposition -  our peaceful moon is Red and the Planet of War is White. 

Nothing is as it seems and it is good to be prepared to change our views and see the other side sometimes.   That does not mean surrendering to the dark side; just a willingness to allow change to happen.

Butterfly count is on until the 12th August so do visit the to get a chart and record your sightings to help with conservation of these beautiful creatures.

Here are some recent sightings along the River Crane Sanctuary and more photos/videos of nature are on our Flickr Album so visit us there if you want to see more:
Google: River Crane Sanctuary on for home page or Flickr.