Tuesday 12 February 2013

Poem that heals the loss

February marks the anniversary of my wonderful father Neville's death and when I found this poem by Vikram Seth I felt him smiling.    What a surprise to find that Dad went to the same school as Vikram Seth in Patna, India on the banks of the sacred Ganges - St Michael's .  What a lot we can learn from Wikipedia!

 Princess Alice Hospice Yellow Rose of Remembrance
Gone though you have, I heard your voice today.
I tried to make out what the words might mean,
Like something seen half-clearly on a screen:
Each savoured reference, each laughing bark,
Sage comment, bad pun, indiscreet remark.
Gone since you have, grief too in time will go,
Or share space with old joy; it must be so.
Rest then in peace, but spare us some elation.
Death cannot put down every conversation.
Over and out, as you once used to say?
Not on your life. You're on this line to stay.

This month has had further deaths for our family and I know many friends who are also in early stages of grief so I trust you will find some comfort in reading this poem which was written to honour the passing of a dear friend.