Thursday 20 December 2012

winter solstice Wishes

Winter Solstice
This is the night of the solstice
The longest night of the year
Now darkness triumphs yet gives way to and changes into Light
The breath of Nature is suspended
All waits while within the Earth the dark king
 is transformed into the infant of Light
We watch for the coming of the Dawn when the great mother again gives birth to the divine child sun who is the bringer of hope and the promise of summer
This is the stillness behind motion
when time itself stops
We turn the wheel (Mantra or Prayer) to bring the Light
Peace   Peace   Peace
We gather in friendship and community at this time to affirm the sanctity of Life...All Life
In our memory we hold the ancestoral knowledge that some would not survive the rigours of winter and the possible famine it might bring.Today we may have food and shelter to physically survive but we recognise the poverty of spirit which leaves so many isolated and fearful.  Allow your true self to gain power over any negative beliefs of your little self .

 Just as the seed waiting beneath the earth will come to flower when the time is right ; 
 so too will we blossom and shine with the Light of the True Self
All is Well

  Seek out quiet spaces and people to be with and trust that others will understand .  If you cannot avoid big groups at work or play then just escape for short bursts of nature or silence and visualise your cloak of light.

We wish you all a peaceful transition into 2013