Saturday 5 October 2013

Navaratri Celebrating the goddess

The festival of Dusshera during this moon cycle of Ashwin is celebrated for ten days from today  - October the 5th.  Navratri is for nine days and householders cleanse and open to the new light of the Goddess by focusing on Durga for the first three days 5,6,7th Oct....Spiritual Protection, Release from the ego and Health.
  Next three days are given to Lakshmi to invoke abundance, spiritual wealth and beauty in all of our lives. 8, 9, 10 Oct
 Lastly devotion to Saraswati for help with spiritual wisdom,  real knowledge and help with finding your dharma or purpose in life which may be a career path or something much more! 11,12 13th October.

On the 14th Of October - Dusshera - celebrate the ultimate triumph of Good over Evil which is the full turn of the circle and the Law of Karma.

Be faithful to the Light in this time of Kali Darkness.

Narayani Namostute


Thursday 3 October 2013

upside down or downside up?

Well it does feel a bit topsy turvy in 2013 so this photo seemed appropriate!      Many of us are feeling the perception of time flying or quickening as the winter approaches.  Where did the year go?  All the old friends we keep meaning to see are just e mails or phone calls and this is better than losing contact completely.  We are waiting for the balance which will slow it all down and it is coming so hang on in there and be kind to yourself and others.

Love and Light