Saturday 19 August 2017

Yoga is more than stretching on a mat!

Dear Yogis,

Yoga is Action when it is required and looking to the greater good for all sentient beings and not just ourselves.    What we learn from our yogic practices is a sense of being in the present and being aware of  'what is' and what we can change for the better by our Dharma or purpose in Life.
Those still with us in the daily spiritual laws and meditations will know this already and those who are content with a physical practise only will not be aware still of the bigger picture that is the real beauty of Yoga.   We are One.

River Crane Sanctuary is our Dharma at present for the good of Nature and the Community.  Please see the website and take action where you can to protect this green space for all.    Google River Crane Sanctuary.

  See: You Tube for our Song and learn it:  River Crane Sanctuary by Iain and Sammi

Black Cap visits the Hedgerow under threat from developers.

This small green space behind the garages will be lost and the dark sky where the moths and bats feed will be no more.   Will the hedgerow survive once the people move in to their three storey building with their terrace looking out on a dense, claustrophobic wall of  foliage or will it be cut down to give a river view?

Do you care?    We do. Whatever you give comes back to you.  Law of Karma.

Love and Light


Saturday 5 August 2017

River Crane Sanctuary

Dear Nature Lovers,

River Crane Sanctuary needs your help as another developer applies to build near our precious Wild Space.
Please visit the Sanctuary website and contact us to keep up to date with events and news to challenge this latest threat to habitat on the river corridor.

Here are some photos of the current residents who do not want to leave!

Visit The River Crane Sanctuary website by clicking the link below for more photos and information on how you can help save this habitat for future generations