Friday 31 October 2008

Halloween - Vigil of Samhain

Celebrating the end of summer and harvest and the beginning of winter. Honouring our departed with ceremonies of light and warmth with fire and nature.
Walking in nature and soaking in the colours of the and orange and red!
Letting go of the in the NOW.

Diwali - Evening workshop

Our evening workshop for backbends and shoulders co-incided with Diwali so we had lovely sweets and lights as well as ohh and ahhs as we opened those tight places with our partner work and individual deep releases.

Happy Diwali...festival of Light

Let there be Light!

Dosha/Gunas Workshop pics.

Wonderful day in the park with wonderful yogis! We looked at our personal practise in relation to our particular body type and psychological profile as defined by the yogic texts - Dosha.Guna.

Also how these relate to nature and food and everything. Sunshine greeted us and warmth inside for the final deep relaxation before leaving re-newed and invigorated to face the winter months ahead.
Om shanti

Friday 10 October 2008

Yoga day in the Park

Hi Yogis,

October 25th is fast approaching for our saturday in the Park. Yoga, meditation and a look at the Doshas and Gunas and how they effect our wellbeing. What are Doshas and Gunas? A need to come on this workshop!