Monday, 30 May 2011


Nature inspires confidence

I hope the True Self article has helped all those who read it to put into action its truths. Be present..Let go....Allow Santosha or Contentment with 'what is'

But 'How'?????? Always the need to be told how to 'do it' or excuses that it is alright for you but my situation is harder, more difficult, not right just yet to live in this way of awareness of the true self which is always peaceful.

The Bhagavad Gita advocates Action and it is indeed not enough to just read and nod our heads in agreement with these great inspiring words if we continue to live in the past or the future and continue to feel depressed, angry and fearful. These negative, mostly learned, habits will continue to sap our energy and block any new insights from helping us live more peacefully if we do not bring them into our awareness everytime they arise in the present moment. Patanjali in one sutra advises us to immediately substitute the opposite positive thought or emotion whenever a negative one arises and this is good first aid but we also have to address the root and why these negatives arise. Giving ourselves quiet time and cultivating detachment are the two major tools which have helped many in living more in the present which is all there really is if we are aware!

Iain and I have really had to practise what we preach this year as we have been inundated with family bereavements, health issues, happy life changing events too which also can cause upset to the safety of everyday routine and calm.

Krishnamurti would say that to do anything is just to create another conflict, another action based on the past which is the already known and therefore cannot help us as that which is original insight cannot come out of the known. I must admit that I do agree with Krishnamurti and it has caused me some real problems with offering teachings and even writing this blog because it does all seem so irrelevant!
However, on a human scale and from feedback it seems that the sharing of ways that help each other and the passing on of what is wisdom to us may indeed be of value to others. For this reason alone and without wishing to 'tell you what to see' I share the beauties of nature and yoga and Love.

It is not always easy in the world when we find ourselves in situations of non-communication or with people who do not speak our language; and I do not mean our native tongue here but rather our philosophical and ethical language. It is not easy, unless we are firmly committed to truth, to stand our ground amidst prejudice and bias and plain old ignorance and to remain detached and not get drawn into retaliation or negative emotions but to stay kind and compassionate.
It is a lesson of maturity to realise that some people will never awaken in this lifetime to deeper truths. We do not have to spend our precious time with them when it is not necessary but when we do have to be with them it is a chance to learn and grow and re-affirm our commitment to the true self shining through the darkness and not getting lost in it. This is not advocating a judgmental attitude towards others but rather the promotion of discernment and discrimination in the healthy, life affirming meaning of those two words.
2011 into 2012 in a great awakening opportunity for many as nature and old institutions change rapidly. Are you willing to open NOW?
Om shanti