Tuesday 21 December 2010

Winter Solstice Blue Moon Full Lunar Eclipse

The magic number twelve met in the park today to celebrate this auspicious time for
re-newal and postive intentions for the good of all.

Sunday 17 October 2010

More Autumnal nature photos

For those who have been enjoying the wildflower meadow photos we are adding some more mushrooms from Bushy Park and autumnal colours from Marble Hll Park and the Twickenham riverside walk past York House Gardens.

The Wild flower meadows are by the A316 near Sixth Cross Road and also by Old Deer Park and you can walk along the River Crane Path and enjoy some beautiful wooden seat sculptures too! We are so blessed to live in this glorious park of the UK.

Saturday 4 September 2010




Winter Weekend Retreat 2010
Fri Nov 12 to Sun Nov 14
In the Meon Valley, Hampshire

This break away is to give us time to go deeper in our Raja Yoga and also to have some social time together.

It is a delightful short trip (one hour and a half) down through lovely countryside (once off the M3) and we will have time to explore many of the walks over the weekend.

The Venue is hosted by South Indian nuns who follow St Francis of Assisi and who advocate YOGA! All of which fits in with our Spiritual Laws group work.

Now, if they can be open minded then we also need to keep an open mind especially if we come from a background of Catholicism or any other religious ‘bad’ experience. The plus side is that they offer Indian cooking specialities as an option on the menu!

The main building is listed from the Georgian period and the grounds are spacious and peaceful. Our wing is not new or luxurious but comfortable and many rooms overlook the garden. These will be allocated to first come, first served.
Plus, we will have our own space and all single occupancy rooms. Not en-suite but with plenty of clean showers and toilets on the corridor with easy access.
A kitchenette and sitting area for our use with supplied drinks and to keep our own brought preferences.

There is space here to be alone if that is what you wish but also plenty to explore physically, mentally and spiritually.

The cost includes all meals from Friday evening to after lunch on Sunday, single accommodation, Yoga/Qi- Gong, meditation and spiritual laws teachings Guided Walks and our undivided attention for your needs during this period in a small group.

Optional extras include meeting us for lunch on the Friday at a beautiful venue near Botley village overlooking an Equestrian centre. (varied menu)
Stop at a Meon Valley Vineyard on the route and bring some Holy Wine for the weekend or to take home. There are National Trust Houses nearby and beautiful garden centres for your trip down or back. We also aim to visit the Krishnamurti centre for tea and a walk around on Sunday on our way home,

We need to confirm the bookings ASAP so do get back to me with a firm commitment or if you need further information.

Om shanti


Seems like we have not seen many of you for a long time and our last social gathering on the summer solstice was such fun with lovely fresh fruits , food and drinks. Thanks to those who came and shared the circle with us.

New yogis joining our little band and some lapsed yogis returning so do please book your space for what you want as you know we keep the group numbers small. Also non-members please consider joining the club for £12 for the year to get the newsletter, discounts and priority booking. It helps me keep you up to date with yoga news and to know you are committed to this group.

E mail to book your space or to ask for further details.

Diary Summary

Due Now: Club Membership 2010 (if not already paid)

13.9.10 Monday Beginners 12 week course - Meadway

13.9.10 Monday Meditation 12 week Circle - Meadway

14.9.10 Tuesday Twickenham Library Class 12 week course

15.9.10 Wednesday Flow Class 12 week course (members only)- Meadway

25.10.10 Monday Workshop - Asana for our Dosha (constitution/body type)- Meadway

27.10.10 Wednesday Workshop - Asana and Pranayama for Weight Balance - Meadway

12.11.10 November Weekend Retreat Meon Valley, Hampshire

Term Ends Wednesday 8th December 2010

Sunday 25 July 2010

Silent Retreat 2010 Come on in

A beautiful retreat where we were Alone and yet All One. Lovely flowers from Alan and words of thanks and appreciation from those who came which are brightening up our home and hearts and fueling that warm feeling that stayed with us after our time together in Silence.
We wish you all a happy summer time and hope you get out into nature and drink in her free prana to help us all through these next two years of turbulence .
Many are joining our little yoga band which is so wonderful and the continuity of those who have been with us so long now bodes well for 2012 when we will be offering a special gathering to those who are ready to receive divine energy and guidance . Watch this space!

Yogis galore

Hot tub yoga hall and Francesca Massage room

Dart river Hugs and farewells Val's Painting

Friday 11 June 2010

Italy Laughter Yoga 2010

We are One

Reflections from Italy Yoga Holiday

Ciao Yogis

We are back in to the flow in Twickers again and here are some memories for those who came with us on this wonderful journey and to inspire those who will comein the future!

Om shanti shanti shanti

Gathering by the Wishing Well

Thanks from Sophie

I would like to thank you for this beautiful time spent together.

Last year it was already very good. This time it was pure magic.

I came home a lot 'lighter', much more detached and positive.

It is amazing what you do to me.

Thank you for having taken care of us so well.



Wishing Well

We arrive and by the wishing well join together to bless our week ahead

Gathering in the evening sunshine

Misty Sunrise meditation