Tuesday 13 February 2018

Winter Gathering on the Island

Beautiful circle gathering on Eel Pie Island and thanks for all the positive e mails and phone calls to ask for more!   It is good to meet up again with kind people who value 'what makes us human' - respect for ourselves and others and for the natural world.  Keep in touch and I will send out more offerings to you.

The book that I wanted us to read and have a discussion about with relevance to yogic philosophy is:  Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown .  

It covers themes which have particular relevance to yogis in this Kali age:

 i.e. Ahimsa -Non-violence/harm to others and ourselves "With perfect practice of Ahimsa one rises above anger, hatred,aggression,fear, jealousy, resentment, envy and attachment. With perfection of ahimsa one realises the unity and oneness of all life and attains universal love, peace and harmony"

 Satya -Truth "if you live in Truth you will have peace of mind,free from fear, anxiety and worry"

How do we adhere to the above and still voice our concerns and stand up for others who do not have a voice?
The book does not mention yoga of course and may seem 'simplistic' in places but it is easy to read fairly quickly and gives us a springboard to discuss and go deeper and maybe find some answers to our questions.  

Love and Light