Friday 11 November 2011

11.11.11. PEACE

The full moon last night lit up the darkness in the sky and for those meditating it gave a powerful influx of energy to help us all through this transition period for humanity.

We meet today in the park to breathe in the gifts of nature and further increase our prana flow on this auspicious date and time. We meet not only for ourself but to be able to become stronger in order to give to others who may be weaker than us and who need our good thoughts and Love.

At 11 am we will be in silence and hope that wherever you are you will be with us in spirit as we stay in the present moment and send out Love and Gratitude to the world and all beings.

Although this is Remembrance day for some cultures it is not the yogic philosophy to dwell on memories but rather to be fully present in the moment.

That is not to say we do not honour all deeds of courage and all sacrifices made for the good of all but rather that we send our energy out in this moment to increase goodwill and peace so that each 'memory' is one of Love and therefore creates a present and future that is Peaceful for all people without regret and hatred.

The Affirmation for the morning practise is as follows and do join us at 11 am.

I Live in freedom from inner and outer harm. I live in Joy and Acceptance of things as they are.

I live in Peace, Love and Truth. From the centre of my heart I wish this Harmony for all sentient beings.

For the good of all that is and all that can be.

Om shanti shanti shanti


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