Monday 3 January 2011

Yogawise 2011!

Happy New Year to one and all. Come and join us in 2011. All welcome.

New term begins on Monday 24th January Beginners 7.30 pm,
Tuesday at Twickenham Library at 11 am for all levels
Wednesday 7.15 pm for Raja Yoga flow class.
All these are twelve week courses : - Finish 11,12,13th April)
E mail to book please. or leave a comment.

Devon Silent Retreat is from sunday 10th to 14th July and is followed this year by a new offering of a long weekend of yoga and walking in Beautiful Dartmoor national park.
Thursday 14th to 17th July. It is possible to come for the whole week and enjoy the silence and peace and then a social time to really connect with like minded people which will feel amazing with an open heart after the deep silence.

Here is some lovely thanks we received from Theresa after she came with us:

Thank you both for making the retreat in Devon an amazing experience for me. It was wonderful to spend time in such beautiful surroundings and to be at peace in the silence. My spiritual journey is not always easy but you are both an inspiration to me.

Well is not easy for any of us and that is why we meet together to share and to appreciate each other. Come again!


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