Thursday, 10 April 2008

Preparing for home

Sitting in our comfortable homestay in Delhi and preparing for the flight back to Kerala tomorrow and then the long flight home to Heathrow on Monday!

Leaving Rishikesh was bittersweet. The last week was like heaven sitting by the banks of the Ganges watching a Kingfisher a few feet away on a rock totally ignoring us as s/he waited for the right moment to dive in the holy waters for breakfast...not a vegetarian yogi, Maria but a true present moment soul!

The soft breeze, the cool waters and the clear sunshine blessed our last week. Hearing the evening Araiti..pure soulful chants from the young boys of the Temple opposite where we stayed was magical and humbling. These boys had been robbers or worse to survive and had been given a home by a lovely Swami who saved them from prison or worse and offered a new way in this land where so many are denied a second chance.

Nada of the area I have been wanting to expand with all of us as it is the quickest way to self realisation in this Kali age. We experienced amazing feelings in the Bhagan temple of the Divine Light Ashram with a tiny yogi Swami priest who was so sincere in his love of Krishna and so fun loving. It was where Hari Krishna has been chanted non stop for over one hundred years! Power in the air and in our was the only place I felt this truth in any of the Ashrams in India with their hierachy and religious bents. Yoga is not a religion...hinduism is.

It has been a hard journey health wise for both of us but it was worth the endurance for what we have learnt and for the people we have shared so much with in this land of ancient wisdom.

We also learnt to be more tolerant as to not surrender and accept what is happening here only makes you go insane or violent or both! Thank God for Yoga...breathe, relax, let go..OM!

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