Friday, 4 April 2008


There is more yoga in the west ! Whether there is more spirituality - I think not, However, with
India you have to be discerning with how people appear to you, how they act, what they wear,
above all are they spirirualin their hearts regardless of whether they are rich or poor?
Ashrams have a pecking order, priviliges, rules, no rules, devoted devotees, people there for their own ends, some are austere, non-smiling, unsympathetic, others are kind, gentle and giving.
My question is......Where is the beauty love and joy of yoga? If it is not evident then perhaps you should look further until you find it.
Cleanliness is a big issue - eating areas - god nutitiona food is esential too.
Staff who are helpful, positive and welcoming rather than many a sour faced uninterested person. To be willing to serve and be of service.
Mostly the Ashrams apear to be unfriendly noisy places with little stillness and few practitioners with real spirituality. They seem to prefer the 'carrot and the stick' approach - stick first. No room for visiting Sadhus - seems a crime - a step too far on the profit road.
However thay will not be afraid of my criticism as they are making more and more money each year. In India it appears that everyone is building - Ashrams, hotels, individuals.

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