Monday, 21 December 2009

Winter Solstice Mistletoe!

Winter Solstice 2009

We gathered to celebrate the solstice and the magic number 9 manifested even with the cold weather and rain! So with Iain and me that made a circle of 11 and thanks to all who came and affirmed the positve energy over the negative; The Light to shine over the Darkness.
So Ham silent walk to alter the vibration in the mind, body and spirit until we reached the Hornbeam cathedral.
The Winter Solstice meaning and Ritual were voiced.
Bija Mantras to energise the chakras and then the four corners were faced with affirmations of :
Acceptance Gratitude Letting Go and Trust.
Silent walk along the river to the Totem Pole and Prana energisation and Qi Gong flows.
Hugs and jumps and deep breaths to end our deep reflection of this time of stillness.
Social walk around the pond and some to our lovely meal together (Jasmine tea!) and some to
homeward bound.
Oms were resounding and heartfelt.
I know a lot of us feel wobbly and a little fearful at this time and it is only by gathering and sharing that we learn that even this will pass and that the true self remains:
Whole and Complete and Perfect - this is where we find true happiness and peace no matter what is happening in the drama of our lives and that of others.
Only meditation and spiritual laws learning and practise can help us achieve the detachment to stay grounded when the ground is literally or metaphorically taken away from beneath us.
It is best to learn this before we are 'drowning' as the advice" you should have learnt to swim"
is no use as we go under for the third time!
I urge you to join the spiritual laws class in January as it is more important in this Kali Age than any asana class you can attend.
Our love and light to all life andour wishes for health and happiness for 2010.
Om shanti shanti shanti