Friday, 4 April 2008


The beauty of the Himalayas as with all mountain ranges can only be experienced. We would love to come back and visit the 'Valley of the Flowers' when the wildflowers are in full bloom !

In Dharali - it is no 'one horse town' in fat it is a 'two bull' town as the cows and the bulls wander at will. Our room has a panoramic view of the surrounding snow-clad mountains - it is our kind of town - small picturesque with very friendly inhabitants - once they get to know you.
On our last day we went to alocal eatery and asked for some garlic - the cook replied that he had none - at which point two whole sacks suddenly appeared right outside the premises !?
Problem solved - or wished for !?
The day we left town we said our farewells to Pratham and wished his family well.
Corsik - his brother on his way to college - joined us on our three hour journey down the mountain roads to Uttarkashi.
We again headed for the small Ashram of Swami Premananda to recuperate from three days of quite intense cold especially at night ( no heating or running water - we had to run and get it). We both went down with colds and needed a few days to recover.
In the heat of 'The garden of eden' it was relatively easy to do so.

We experienced Holi Day and bravely dressed in white - Holi is when over a two-day period
everyone blesses each other with coloured powder wet and dry - Everyone got involved young and old with much relish and we all resembled rainbows of vibrant greens purples blues and reds. Water pistols, buckets and cunning were used in much supply.

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