Thursday, 3 April 2008


This was to set up a magical day because Pratham and his cousin Mahesh arranged afour wheeler truck which as it turns out was the only vehicle to make it up such a tough , rock strewn, tree strewn and rutted road with snow! Little did we know but these guys were bringing food and provisions for a very special woman - Lalita Lahira Matagi. A woman in her 50's who had surrendered to God.
She had lived for years on Vivekanda Rock at the shrine of Vivekananda, Cape Kumari. She moved to the Himalayas after reading Yogananda's Biography of Yogi..Read It! After wandering on the mountains and glaciers for some time she settled in a cave. She comes down in the winter into the small village.
She gave us a lot of time and good advice even though we did not want to impose. Matagi on greeting Sammi said" I know you!"......oh dear...we know this one don't we fellow yogis!

After an hour or so we said our goodbyes and went to see the rest of this sacred town, its ashrams and temples. it was like a ghost town and just the way we like it...empty and peaceful.

Snow lined the main streets and only one priest and two monks were evident. All offered us chai.We had a glorious walk around, in the quiet and solitude, the only sound was the Ganga and temple bells and waterfalls. OMMMMMM

We felt the water and surprisingly it was not too cold...felt a lot of energy and power here.

It was a very memorable day and we were very grateful to Pratham for taking us there. He never mentioned that Matagi would be there and we travelled with no expectations..always the best way to go. Receive and surrender to what is and let it all unfold!

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