Thursday, 3 April 2008


We set off on the'long and winding road' but so scenic in this epic valley surrounded by high mountains. We were joined by another traveller who as it turned out was relatedto Pratham !? His Uncle - at least he would know the way.
The road was very tough on the car - so many ruts, boulders, roadworks of epic proportions - A tunnel from Dehra Dun is being built which will enable many Delhi folk to reach the mountains in less time - more money for the area but maybe not a good thing overall - however thereis room for improvement from
this Medieval road.
Yes, this bumpy road is the only road to Gangotri - where thousands of Pilgrims wind their way every year. Well, eventually the car had a problem with the front
wheel - bearings. Wedidn't panic as weknew that we had two weeks at least to get back !
We limped into Dharali and unbelievably we we stopped outside Pratham's
family hotel and guest house - he never told us ! Who should cross the road to enquire but Corsik, who we had last met many thousands of miles away in

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