Thursday, 21 February 2008


Sammi (Narayani) got into the act by producing a beautiful sequence/dance/chant /chant plus pooled OMs. A very special and successful presentation - we had included people from Israel, Lebanon, Japan, Iran, Germany, France, Holland Italy, Spain, India, English and American. Truly international. We'll experience it together when wew get back.

India really is a land of extremes as it can swing from the beautiful to the hoffific or comfortable to uncomfortable very quickly.

Amongst the poverty there is still great humour and presence. Anything can be achieved here!
The heat sapping, the breeze refreshing, the sun relentless, the waves pounding, the current strong, the life guards fit and alert. The fishermen steadfast - they light up the sky at night with their lamps as if the stars had fallen into the sea.

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