Saturday, 23 February 2008


Driving is simply amazing ! No wonder they display so many Gods on the dashboard - as if
they were about to meet them very soon. The vision of whole families on a motorbike ..saris
flowing perilously close to the rear wheel..the wives imperiously balanced uncaring of the aggression of the traffic around them.
India makes us feel so thankful for what we have....our fami;y, our friends, comforts, cleanliness and familiarity.... In the west we are in the top 10% of the world...we have so much compared to so many who have so little and yet they truly live in the present !
Our senses are affected; wonderful tastes of fresh fruit juices, curries, masala tea etc
the smell of sandalwood, bonfires, spices, heat and the sea.
The sights - you feel like you should have a camera strapped to the side of your head - arephenomenal and ever carrying a fridge on his head along the beach....
abject poverty..lepers...cripples....Grandmothers crushing rocks into gravel by the side of the road - for just afew rupees a day under the scorching sun !
Beauty.....women in saris....murals in temples....the smiles of shinning up coconut trees with no regard to health and safety...doing what their family have done for generations...
India is noisy ! Crows grrrrr... the waves, the traffic, chanting, temples loudspeakers....

No tv for nearly 60 days and it feels good ! Admittedly here we do have mesmerising seas, sunrises and sunsets.
The best feeling as ever is when we are doing our yoga........aaah....up on the roof.....

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