Tuesday, 26 February 2008


My birthday - was a beautiful sunny morning - we went out for a long walk along the beach and were fascinated by the fishermen single and in groups and how they worked and sang together.
I got a card from Lenic and family plus Shiloh his able assistant care of Cosmic Travel Agency.
It was very kind of them - we will pop back with some cakes at tea time.
We had brakfast on the beachfront - pot of chai and toast - watching the fishermen haul in their catch of the day.
We went back to our room and gathered our gear to spend the rest of the day at a nearby Hotel Rainbow pool. Found a bit of shade and settled down - had a few swims and listened to music on the ipod.
We returned to Lenic and shared some Indian sweets and amazingly the chai man awaited us
although we had disappeared for 5 minutes or more !
We returned to the pool only for there to be a downpour but it was quite refreshing and we stayed in for awhile enjoying it once we had gathered our clothes !!!
In the evening we went to one of the best veggie restaurants in the area Subrabatham and had
a special aubergine with ginger chillies and garlic in tomato sauce- delic' - after a month of fairly
neutral tasting food it was fabulous.
So it was rather a nice birthday - and apparently to be 52 and in India is quite auspicious -
something to do with a similar constellation !? I was just checking how many days wewill be in India and this is day 62 but in all we will be here for 108 days - spooky , as you know 108 is rather special in yoga philosophy !!! Check up on it ......?

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