Monday, 4 May 2009

Testimonial e mails coming in fast and furious!

Such beautiful e mails and cards arriving after our Easter yoga holiday.
Bisrat's family and friends want to know what drugs she is on as she has become so calm.
Mhari has quit her job and been down to see us already with Simon who she says is the most chilled pilot in his division.
Serge and Sophie sent some great photos and words and hope to meet again soon...Costa Rica?
Alison also sent fab photos and wishes for another yoga holiday together.......she helped us so much with translations for mountain trips and restaurant delights...good karma points.
Riitta says she is not good with words to express how much she got out of the whole yoga holiday but then wrote that she would come anywhere with us which we found very touching.
InSabina want us back and Anastasia and Dusanka from there want to join us again so we must have done something harmonious amidst the shakes!
We loved being with all of you and thank you for amazing attendance (even at 6 am!) and your enthusiasm.
Keep in touch!

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