Monday, 4 May 2009

Stephanie sent a Rainbow testimonial

Date: 21st April 09
Dearest Sammi and Iain

I can't thank you enough for this yoga week in Torri. I was desperate for deep relaxation on a physical level but also, and I did not realise that, on an emotional and psychological level.
This is what I've achieved thanks to your teachings and loving readings, your ability to spread love and peace to all of us.
I will forever remain grateful to you. I've come back to my previous life full of energy and serenity, as well as (and it's most important) tips and ways to make this feeling last.
I was welcomed by a rainbow , coming off the train on arrival day and you've managed to print it deep into my heart by the time we parted.
Stephanie (well surrounded by her shield of light!)

Thank you Stephanie for your lightness of being and gratitude even when your luggage did not arrive with you!

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Stephanie said...

Hi Sammi,
I dare say that 3 weeks done the line I'm still feeling the benefits of the yoga holiday! I'm relaxed and happy and trying to spread this feelings to people around me and astounishingly it works sometimes!
My morning shield of light has probably something to do with it!
My karma also seems getting better and better every day...