Friday, 7 March 2008


So we survived Delhi by staying in a lovely homestay place and avoiding the city. A mad taxi ride to old Delhi station with a wonderful commentary by our driver
Abu so we saw all the old monuments on the way.
The train station was a scene from a medieval movie..people everywhere and no signs to where to catch our train..panic..not us...breathe....let go...panic!!!!!!

We got on board and the calm of a sleeper compartment was heaven.

Haridwar int he morning jsut to glimpse the pilgrims celebrating Sivaratri and then on the Rishikesh bus.

Met some great people and arrived at Lakshman Jhula and got a room iwith a view over the ganges. Sat and watched the world go by. Very noisy with the celebrations but worth the view.

Next to a book shop and a music shop and good eatery........what more could you ask for..oh yes.. a yoga hall!

Iain has started Tabla lessons and I am continuing with the harmonium with an excellent teacher called ...Hari Krishna!

We also walked to the Sivananda Divine Light Ashram one day and chanted the Hari Krishna mantra in a lovely temple where it is chanted continuously by a succession of disciples through out the day and night! It was amazing.

Today we had the privilege to see new life born on the bridge over the sacred ganges. A cow just lay down and gave birth in the seering heat, oblivious to the crowds around who also appeared for the most part unperturbed by this miracle.
This matches the pony we saw born last year in Dartmoor for heart rendering affirmation of life.

Enjoy every moment!

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