Friday, 28 March 2008


Hi Folks,
Just to say we have arrived back in Rishikesh and are staying in the sivananda Divine Life AShram. I will mention a few things about Ashram life a future blog.
We originally set out on a ten day touring adventure with plans to get to Dharali or Gangotri -
and we succeeded with both....we'll tell you later just how ...we had a car and driver .. but unfortunately our car had a front wheel problem and we had to curtail our trip five days into our trip. Not to be disrupted we with the help of Pratham and his cousin we hired a four-wheeled truck to take us on what would be an unpassable road and had a most wonderful experience!
It cost us with colds but any time you ask me I'll say it was worth it!

Yesterday hopefully Pratham's wife gave birth to their first child and just when we had heard of the loss of a friend (Gloria) and work colleague - our prayers go out to both families and friends.

So, we hope to update you with lots more photos and stories from the mountains, about Ashrams, people we have met, experiences we have had - Most of all this is to say taht so far we have survived every bend from here to Gangotri and back- over 200 miles!
Love to you all, OM Iain and Sammi / Narayan & Narayani

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