Sunday, 2 March 2008

Au revoir Kerala

Well it has suddenly arrived at the eve of our departure for the Himalayas. Time is such a strange phenomenon. When you are waiting for something it never seems to come quick enough and when you are enjoying something it seems to go too fast. Or does it?

They say that you go to Rishikesh to discover your past and end up finding your future. The Beatles did not do too badly so let's see what happens to us.

Farewell to all our lovely helpers at Sagara Beach.....Shibu did well with the meditation and yoga flows..keep it up until we get back. Sagi was so good getting us juices and coconuts..thank you.
Sisu welcomes us back in April with a sea view promise....ahhhh. All the beautiful women in their saris floating by so serenely with that ever ready smile and all the waiters....thank you all for making the last few weeks at the beach so pleasant.

Lenic was amazing again with the travel arrangements and tea and chats. Love to you and the family and Shilo . Cosmic rate in town for money exchange!

Hotel Orion was again a magic place to sit and meet interesting people. Isaac was so kind dispensing ayurvedic magic for sore heads, knees and tummies. Vivek made the soothing dahls and curries and George and mum welcomed us all.

See you all in April... God (In India.. Gods) willing.

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