Monday, 12 December 2016

To Find the Happiness of a resting place

Our life is a series of demands for comfort, for security, for position, for fulfilment, for happiness,
for recognition, and we also have rare moments of wanting to find out what is truth, what is God.
So God or truth becomes synonymous with our satisfaction.  We want to be gratified; therefore
truth becomes the end of all search. of all struggle, and God becomes the ultimate resting place.
We move from one pattern to another, from one cage to another, from one philosophy or society
to another, hoping to find happiness, not only happiness in relationship with people, but also the happiness of a resting place where the mind will never be disturbed, where the mind will cease to
be tortured by its own discontent.  We may put it in different words, we may use different
philosophical jargons, but that is what we all want - a place where the mind can rest, where the
mind is not tortured by its own activities, where there is no sorrow.
Krishnamurti, The Collected Works vol V111, p.328

The above wise words from 'K' resonated with me as the manic build up to the season of 'Peace and Goodwill' continues to ring hollow for so many in our chaotic world.

If you are seeking to find the happiness of a resting place you may like to join our yogic circle in meditating on the wish for a Place to rest for all of us in the world today.

The only journey worth taking is the journey within....

.the only real resting place is our true self.

Om shanti shanti shanti

Peace Peace Peace

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