Saturday, 31 December 2016

Finding meaning in 2017

Dear Yogis
Wishing you all a purpose and meaning in 2017 which will bring you a sense of contentment with what is alloted to us all in this short material life.   Stand up to those who through ignorance cannot see past their own selfish needs and wants and let us guard what is left of our precious nature .
Thanks again to all who supported us in saving The River Crane corridor from a new build and let us keep vigilant to any new attempts to domesticate this wild space which is so necessary for the flora and fauna to replenish the whole environment of this unique space in our crowded urban landscape.
Here is a female sparrow hawk who visits the Field and enjoys with us the wonderful trees and dark corridor where our bats feed and live and the giant Ash trees sway in the breeze and enrich our lives with their beauty.

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