Thursday, 3 November 2011

Love and Gratitude

Just received a thank you from Louise and it reminded me of the wonderful ice crystals formed by the intention of Love and Gratitude in the Masaru Emoto 'Messages in Water' book.
He said that the crystal formed from the words Love and Gratitude tied around a water bottle was
 "as perfect as can be.  This indicates that Love and Gratitude are fundamental to the phenomenon of life in all of nature"

Here is the e mail from Louise and it gave me a warm glow reading it and I know that it gives the sender a feeling of joy as well.  Everything we give comes back with the law of Karma!

Monday's class has stayed with me all week; my shoulders and neck are freer as well as hips. It often strikes me, but I don't pass it on enough, how well thought out the sessions are. This is just to let you know that it is appreciated!

Love and hugs


Practise sending good thoughts to all and see how much your experience of living, even amidst difficult situations, feels better

Love and Gratitude to all beings!

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Elspeth said...

Hi, I clicked on the "next blog" link at the top of mine and yours came up. From reading a few posts I can tell that you are the kind of person I would be friends with if we knew each other. Sat nam.