Saturday, 12 November 2011

Thanks to the Eleven who came with us for the 11.11.11 ceremony at 11 am in beautiful Bushy Park.
The bell rang as we began our silence to join with all those wishing for Peace.  In silence we walked to the magical water gardens where we raised the prana with yoga flows and gentle thoughts.  We shared our concerns and our joys at meeting again with like minded friends new and old .   Two hundred steps in our meditation walk under the Hornbeam Cathedral ended our silence and we enjoyed the autumnal colours near the canadian totem pole before making our way to lunch.   Yoga is One!

Here is a short extract from the latest club newsletter just sent out to members as I hope it will inspire us all to keep true to our 'Kind' self and committed to sharing whatever we have with others for the good of all.

Groovy Guru News Autumn 2011  (Extract)
This year has indeed proved challenging for our planet as predicted by the ancient seers. We have a choice as to how we continue with our lives in 2012 and any preparation we make now will help with that transition from a selfish way of being which will lead to more personal distress and destruction of our environment or to an acceptance that we are part of a whole and that means a switch from a taking to a giving mentality; from competitiveness to co-operation.. It has all been said before but this is now a time for action and not words or good intentions. It all begins with each individual as the story of the starfish illustrates:

One day a man was walking along a beach covered by dying starfish which had been washed ashore and could not get back into the ocean. What a shame he thought and kept walking. Further along the beach he met a young girl who was picking up one starfish at a time and gently placing it back in the sea. It looked a momentous, futile task and he told her she would make no real difference but she just continued anyway despite his advice to walk away and get on with her day. “Why are you wasting your time?” he asked. As she gave yet another starfish a chance to live, she said. “Well it made a difference to that one”

Remember: No act of Kindness is ever wasted.       Love and Light Sammi

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