Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Yogawise Morning/Evening Affirmations

Yogawise Morning Affirmation
I live in freedom from inner and outer harm
I live in Joy and Acceptance of things as they are
I live in Peace Love and Truth
From the Centre of my Heart
I wish this Harmony for all sentient beings
For the good of all that is and for all that can be

Yogawise Evening Affirmation
I let go I let go I let go
All that is past is past
All that is to come will come
I exist now
Perfect and Whole
I radiate Love and Compassion
I live in Joy
Please forgive me for all the hurt
I have caused you in times when I forgot my true self
Which is pure Love
I freely forgive you for hurting me.
All is perfect and whole in this moment of Now
I radiate Love and Compassion
I live in Joy
I am You
You are Me
We are One

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