Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Poems Dartmoor 2009

Val’s Poem Dartmoor 2009

River Dart Morning

The path twists and turns along the river bank,
Earth trodden down, interlaced with roots and branches;
Always the sound of the river, cascading over boulders.
Water: the source of life.

Woods: a green world of leaves and ferns,
A cloud hides the sun, a sense of menace and mystery descends.
Dappled with sunlight , a place of magic.

Evening Brimpts Farm
Shadows lengthen in the evening sun,
White clouds glide gently across a blue sky,
Swallows swoop and dive.
The breeze bathes my face.
A stonechat on the gatepost calls
Warning as the farm cat prowls.
Bees hum among the flowers and grasses.
The rest is silence.

For Sammi, who always lifts the clouds and brings magic and
Silence into our busy lives.

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