Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Winter solstice blessings!

Those who completed the 30 days of meditation on peace yesterday...congratulations.  Around 4am this morning marked the beginning of the winter solstice in London...the longest night.
Today is a time to renew and let go of stale thoughts and unnecessary material goods.  So have a good clear out mentally and physically today.   Also refresh the body with a bath or shower and some natural scents like lavender and rose.  Commune in nature and give thanks for her care of us all.  Meet with friends and family and wish them well for the coming winter.
I wish you all peace and strength as the forces of darkness increase...increase your light.  Stand up to protect nature and those more vulnerable against the ignorant and aggressive people who you will encounter as you become more powerful.  Do not wish them any harm but also do not let them bully you.  Peace cannot exist in tyranny... Small or big conflicts all need addressing now for peace to become more rooted.
 Love and light
Narayanni namouste

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