Saturday, 13 June 2015

Circle Gathering

We had a wonderful small group gathering on saturday 6th June and a catch up lunch with a hippie burger on the menu!  Did they know we were coming?
The silent walk with "I am Peace Mantra" held in our minds set the scene for a circle of light.     We did some breath work to cleanse the body and in particular open the spine and then I offered some mudras and meditation exercises to cleanse and rejuvenate the Heart, Sacral and Root Chakras.  We started with protection work and a sense of being connected with our divine guardian and then brought in the strength with Vajra Mudra as this is needed for the major organs which have to be energised to give us power to Act.  Joint Mudra for the flexibility of the joints and then lying down in the sunshine and the Little Bear to further loosen all the muscles and joints.      We also chanted and laughed and giggled.      Lovely gathering and we remember all who could not be there physically.
Hopefully this work will be extended into a more detailed workshop for us to practise so that we get the full effect in our Body, Minds and Spirits.
Love and Light to all who still open to the beauty within the ugliness present in the manifested life.

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