Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ramadhan Fast and be still

The holy month of Ramadhan has begun for our Muslim bother and sisters and it is much needed in this age of Maya.  A time to fast and be still and see the beauty and unity in all people when we let go of conflict and differences.   We may not be able to spend time with people who are chaotic to our own energy but we can still love them and wish them well.  We can connect with the one essence in all of us and know that it is only ignorance that creates shameful acts that build up walls between communication.   We forget who we truly are......the one self......present in all.  Love yourself first and be a friend to your self.  That joy will then exude out of you and diffuse any anger or hate that comes your way.   Do not send out what you do not wish to get back.  Law of Karma.

See the child in all and the innocence and beauty of that pure love between mother and baby. that spreads to all the family and community.       Welcome to my first grandchild Linus Neville.   Let's create a world in which all our children can live in peace.   

Ramadhan prophecy for this month
- The Gates of Heaven are open and the Gates of Hell are shut - 

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