Wednesday, 28 May 2014


"Real Freedom is to experience the true essence of One's being"

We are searching for freedom in external things.  Running away from difficult situations if we can and trying to find a way out if we are stuck and cannot flee.   When we do 'escape' and feel free it is destined to only be for a short while and then the sense of being trapped will reappear because we cannot escape from ourselves!   Therefore, connect with your true self which is always free and content.  How?  Meditation and finding places in nature filled will peace and beauty may help.  Sitting quietly and being aware of each moment as it is and accepting and being grateful for our lives.  Showing compassion to others whose lives are so much worse than our own and helping in whatever way we can to relieve their suffering. 

 Being Happy! What a joy it is to meet someone with a big smile even on a rainy day.   Is that you?

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