Thursday, 23 August 2012

Autumn Term Mon 3rd and Wed 5th Sept

This term there will be two meditation circles in October and a Silent Walk and end of year social in December in addition to the flow classes on monday and wednesday evenings
Please contact me for full details if you wish to join us.

Opening the Heart

Patanjali Sutra related to Calming the Mind: 
The Heart meditation we will be practising in the Yogawise Circle focuses on cultivating
four important attitudes outlined in this Sutra: 
1. an attitude of friendliness towards those who are happy;
2. compassion towards the unhappy;
3.  delight and joy for the virtuous
 4.  an indifference to those who do wrong.
 Patanjali also says that concentrating on our inner light steadies the mind. Our Eternal Self can be found  in  the brilliant inner light radiating from the heart Chakra, the energy centre of our hearts. 
 Seeing that supreme light within ourselves takes us beyond all anxieties, fear and worry

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