Sunday, 21 December 2008

WINTER SOLSTICE - A Walk in the Park

Winter Solstice - A 'Walk in the Park' - Thank you to Sammi for leading us all into a circle of positive light at a time when we could be drawn to negative thoughts ! Let us be full of positive thoughts for the times ahead and live fully in the present knowing that we are truly priviliged
in so many ways!
Many thanks too for those of you that shared with us a beautiful walk, moments of silence,
readings of 'Happiness' in the shade of the Hornbeam canopy and 'The Circle of Life' a by the totem pole, beautiful OMs, kisses and hugs underneath the wild mistletoe and a warming drink and meal at the Longford. We counted 16 for the walk and 26 for the meal/gathering at the Longford.
We really enjoyed your company and it was good to be able to have time to share some moments
together at this busy time of year. Peace and Love to you all. OM Shanti.

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